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customized miniature cameras

We support our customers in the field of innovative miniaturized imaging systems from concept to production, from single components to complex assemblies. Our experienced team is active for more than 15 years in the design, manufacturing and testing of imaging optics using replicated polymer aspheres. In addition, we also develop customized designs based on glass lenses, polymer-on-glass (wafer level optics) as well as illumination optics.

Developing a deep understanding of your requirements and application scenario in a first step, we support you in fixing optics-related system-specifications and propose a made-to-measure solution according to technological and budgetary boundary conditions. When using our inhouse lens manufacturing, lenses are replicated from master structures, AR-coated and assembled into systems. Quality control and performance characterization is done at all levels from component to system. We can also suggest partners, suppliers, equipment and procedures from r&d to production, from layout to quality control to support your product success.

replicated aspherical polymer lenses

Our replication technology enables aspherical polymer lenses with imaging quality. With an optimized cost structure for small and medium sized volumes, we are bridging the gap between single-piece lens making techniques such as diamond turning and high volume injection molding.  Our processes are optimally suited for building demo systems and pilot lots in almost any imaging application field and offer a completely new cost-effective manufacturing alternative in machine vision, automotive and medical applications (endoscopy).

  • cost-effective compared to glass lenses, diamond turned polymer lenses and injection molding up to medium sized volumes
  • superior imaging quality at minimum number of lens elements due to asphercial lens profiles
  • simplified integration due to mechanical features in lens periphery
  • large sag heights up to 1mm and more flexible shapes compared to WLO
  • high-temperature polymers (reflow solderable)
  • crown- and flint-like polymers for achromatization
  • convex, concave, meniscus, double side aspherical, freeform,
    (non-) rotational symmetric


example systems

industrial endoscopy

  • 400x400 pixel @ 3µm
  • DFOV: 48°
  • F/5
  • distortion (o): <2%
  • VIS
  • diameter: 1.9mm

veterinary endoscopy

  • 1280x720 pixel @ 1.4µm
  • DFOV: 14°
  • F/7
  • distortion (o): <0.5%
  • VIS
  • diameter: 2.7mm

medical endoscopy

  • 800x800 pixel @ 1.1µm
  • DFOV: 120°
  • F/4
  • distortion(o): <40%
  • VIS
  • diameter: 1.9mm

car interior surveillance

  • 640x480 pixel @ 2.8µm
  • DFOV: 60°
  • F/2
  • distortion (o): <1%
  • NIR
  • TTL: 3.3mm